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Why Your Print Company Needs Google My Business

You may have seen other businesses, or even other print companies, show up in the map results when you do a Google search. If you search “print companies near me”, you’ll see a number of businesses listed there but not yours. There is no big secret to showing up in Google Maps listings that other companies are in on but not you. It’s as easy as simply setting up a Google My Business listing. 

All you need is to have a physical address to create a listing. There are a number of benefits of having a Google My Business but the top reasons include:

  1. You’ll be visible in Google Maps 
  2. You’ll be more visible overall in Google Search
  3. You can more easily provide information and photos about your business and also receive and manage reviews


Local Visibility in Google Maps

Your customers are using Google everyday to find local businesses near them. Being visible in maps will help you get in front of more customers that are searching for print shops near them. 

If you’ve set up your listing correctly, you’ll show up in the map results as a list as well as a pin on the actual map so it will be easier for your customers to find you. 


Greater Visibility on Google Search Results

You know from doing basic searches for the products and services you offer that there’s some competition out there in the search results. Other print companies may be ranking in the top spots for products or services you want to show up for. What can set you apart from other printers is having a Google My Business listing because you’ll not only show up in the maps results, you can also show up in the results with a Knowledge Graph. This is where all the information you include in your listing will appear and be visible to customers. You can see an example of what that looks like here. 

why print companies will need to use google my business for local seo

By simply creating a local listing with Google, you’ll have 2 opportunities to show up for local terms your customers are searching for. 


Ease of Providing Information to Customers

The key components needed, and recommended, to own a Google My Business listing for your print company include: 

  • Official Business Name 
  • Physical Address
  • Website URL 
  • Phone Number 
  • Hours of operation 

When you have a listing, you’re able to include that information and keep it up to date for your customers. You’re also able to provide other information to your customers to better tell them about who you are, what you offer, etc such as: 

  • Photos of your business, team or work you’ve done 
  • List products and/or services you offer 
  • Physical Radius your business services
  • Customers are able to leave reviews so other potential customers can get an idea of the experience they’ll have working with you 
  • Information about your company’s history or experience 


The list goes on with all the reasons you should set up Google My Business for your print company but we hope sharing these top reasons, you’ll get the idea of the importance.