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We're Creating & Publishing Content for You. Plus We Add New Images, Posts, Emails, Pages and Courses to the Asset Library Every Month & You Have Unlimited Access!


Content Publishing & Lead Gen Campaigns

We know the demands on your time and it’s why when you sign up with Pryntbase we’ll deliver optimized content every month to your social profiles and run Lead Generation campaigns that guarantee you get leads sent straight to your inbox.

  • Daily Social Posts Published for You
  • Lead Generation Campaigns Run for You
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Stock Images for Print Companies

Royalty Free Images Exclusively for Printers.

We’ve taken the photos of the most desirable print products & services and made them available to you here for unlimited use in your marketing. With new images added every month you’ll have access to thousands of print specific images to use in your marketing.

Stock Images for Print Companies
Digital Marketing Courses for Print Companies

Marketing Courses for Print Companies

You know your company best and if shown how, could do everything an agency does. So we created these courses to show you how to do EVERYTHING for your digital marketing from scratch, using templates or using pre-built & pre-written content specifically created for printers.

Social Media for Print Companies

Your time is precious and writing social posts can take FOREVER! We’ve done that work for you and written over 600 of the most successful, high converting social posts.

We add new posts every month so you will never have to write again!


SEO for Print Companies

SEO can be complicated, but doesn’t change the fact that you Need It!

We’ve done all of the research, provided the keywords, written the SEO titles, meta descriptions, H1’s and outlines for every website page that a printer like you could have on their site.

Email Marketing for Print Companies

Just like print, Email is NOT Dead!

We’ve created the most successful & highest converting emails for print companies and provided them here for you to start generating More Sales now. Plus every month you get access to new emails that keep you top of mind and drive more revenue.


PPC for Print Companies

Paid Search is a Huge Driver of New Sales for Print Companies.

But if not done right you’ll spend a lot of money with no results. We’ve researched and built out a paid search account for every print product and service that includes the account structure, keywords, targeting and ad copy to ensure you see a high return on your investment.

Ad Campaigns for Print Companies

Want Unlimited Access to a collection of pre-built lead generation campaigns that will target buyers directly and turn them into New Paying Customers? Of course you do.

We’ve done the research, built the ads, the downloads and the landing pages. All you have to do is launch the campaigns and close new business.

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