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When it comes to marketing for your print company, there are a ton of options as to which channels you can use. You can find a lot of resources out there that claim one channel is better than the other and find others that say the opposite. But those articles aren’t written specifically from people inside the print industry. While there isn’t necessarily a wrong answer but based on our experience working with printers for some many years, we’re sharing what we think is the best marketing channel for your print company. 

If there is one channel we think is the best choice for printers, it’s LinkedIn Direct Messaging. It’s free to use and doesn’t require a lot of prior technical knowledge to get started. 


LinkedIn Direct Messaging for Print

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for businesses, especially for print businesses. It’s a professional network that allows you to connect with other individuals both in the print industry and customers. 

What a lot of print owners and salesmen don’t know is how effective direct messaging can be at connecting with and closing leads. Your customers are on LinkedIn so it makes sense to connect with them on a platform where they are spending their time. 

The best way to connect with your customers on LinkedIn is by sending direct messages. It’s a direct way to start a conversation with them about their print needs, your capabilities and how you can help solve issues they are experiencing. 

A critical part of this strategy is finding your customers on LinkedIn. If you have specific companies or businesses in mind that you want to work with, search for those company names on LinkedIn and look for an Owner or CEO of those companies and reach out to them. Or if you have certain industries you want to work with, try searching for businesses in that industry then do the same thing and look for people who work for those companies to connect with and talk to. 


LinkedIn Direct Messaging Tips

Now that we’ve shared how useful direct messaging can be on LinkedIn, we wanted to share some of our top tips when sending messages to your customers. 


Always Include A Call To Action 

The most important thing you can do when sending a message is include a call to action. You’ll obviously want them to reply back to your message if they are interested in working with you, but you can also include your company’s website in your message so they can easily take a look at who you are, what you do and examples of your work. 


Make It Conversational but Direct

The key to getting this sales strategy to work for you, is by ensuring your message is conversational and not too salesy up front where it would potentially turn them off. But you also need to be direct in sharing about who you are and how you may be able to help. 


While there are other marketing channels that are effective in closing sales for print companies, we know that direct messaging on LinkedIn is a perfect place to start.