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Top 3 Marketing Ideas for Print Companies

Print companies are like every other business in that they must prospect, generate leads and nurture those leads to close them into sales. But every industry has many options on how to make that happen. So what marketing tactics work well for printers?

We’ve worked with hundreds of print companies and did new research this year to find what 3 marketing ideas are working the best for print shops. While you may not be surprise by a couple of them, one may peak your interest, but the fact is that these 3 marketing ideas are working very well for printers.


Marketing Idea for Printers #1 – Triggered Direct Mail / Direct Mail Retargeting

Okay so we really love this one! Direct Mail Retargeting is an amazing way to get in front of prospects who’ve visited your website or are taking action that you are tracking within your CRM. What most printers don’t realize is that they can actually send direct mail to visitors of their website that are anonymous. Technology exists that can find out who someone is when they visit your website and which will give you the ability to send them direct mail.

There are triggered direct mail solutions out there that have been around for a while that utilize your 1st party data by targeting people in your CRM. So when they do something that you are tracking and have designed as a behavior that warrants direct mail being sent to them you can make that happen easily.


Marketing Idea for Printers #2  – SEO for Print Companies

You may be already trying this or have tried it in the past, but the truth is that SEO for Print Companies is one of the most valuable marketing ideas and tactics that a printer can utilize.

Why? Because potential customers are searching for these products and services.

Imagine being in a room full of 30 people and 4 of them are yelling out loud, “Help I need to get something printed, can someone get me a quote?”. If you were in that room we would expect you to yell back, “Yes, I can help you with that!” and start talking with them to put a quote together. That is what is happening when someone searches for a product or service on the internet.

Unfortunately many print companies don’t do this well because it is more technical than most other forms of marketing. **but we’ve made it easy with Pryntbase


Marketing Idea for Printers #3  – Email & Paid Search / Paid Social

For this last one we basically have a Tie! Both email and paid advertising are necessary and need to both be on this list. So the fact that we were focused on the Top 3 Marketing Ideas for Printers, put us in this position to show these two as a tie.

Email Marketing for print companies is tremendously important. You’re likely very familiar with it, but you are also very likely to not be doing it or much of it. Tell us we’re wrong (and be honest). The biggest advantages that come with email marketing is Awareness, making sure people remember you and keeping you top of mind, also ensuring they know your full line of capabilities, then we have Direct Sales emails which essentially ask someone to buy if they are in the market. Every marketer out there will have something sophisticated to say about email, but when it comes down to it, you just need to send them, and send them often!

When we talk about paid advertising we focus more on PPC or Google Ads and Social Media Advertising. These two are different so we’ll break that out here.


PPC Ads for Print

These are similar to SEO because they are triggered when a customer searches for a product or service that you offer. This is great because the prospect is looking for it.

Social Media Ads for Print

The great thing here is that you can target a profile of likely buyers. Job Title, Industry, Company, etc. are all ways to get in front of those customers. BUT they aren’t necessarily looking for the product or service. The good thing is that those who click through are showing interest which makes them a more qualified prospect.


Hopefully these 3 marketing ideas can be utilized at your print shop, because if you do it then it’s a guarantee you’ll see more traffic, leads and sales.