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Marketing automation can be one of the most critical pieces of a marketing campaign. The best part is that you don’t need a big budget to take advantage of automation. Some of the areas where you can utilize automation marketing are social media scheduling, email automation, lead nurturing and more.

There are so many ways to automate your marketing efforts to close more sales which allows you to focus on other areas of your business. In this article we talk about the reasons why print companies like you should integrate automation into your everyday marketing efforts. 


Benefits of Marketing Automation in Print

We could list hundreds of reasons why marketing automation is critical for your print company but instead we’ll focus on the top 3 benefits here. 

It saves you and your team time – Posting to social media everyday, writing emails or following up with customers that downloaded examples of your work on your website, can take so much time. Instead of blocking time each day to do those things, your team could be closing more leads or visiting recurring customer’s businesses to nurture the relationship. 

Makes marketing campaigns scalable – Since you’re saving an immeasurable amount of time with automation, you’re able to run more email campaigns or lead generation campaigns. The automation will do the heavy lifting of initial nurturing of leads that come through from your efforts which gives you time to close the deals closer to a sale. If you’re not utilizing automation, the time spent on nurturing, email, posting, etc makes running multiple campaigns at a time extremely difficult. 

Measurable – When you take advantage of marketing automation platforms such as email marketing or social media scheduling tools, you get access to data that shows the return on the work you’re doing. For example, You’ll be able to see the number of people that clicked on or opened your emails which can tell you if the content in the subject line or body of the email is enticing enough for someone to contact you. If you’re not getting the results you want, you’re able to make changes and quickly see the result of those updates. 


Good vs Bad Marketing Automation Habits

Once you have access to automation, there are so many paths you can take when setting up your campaigns and measurement and starting on the right track is critical to lasting success. 

An example of good marketing automation is tracking the page people convert on most, what messaging encourages them to convert and measuring the follow up messages that continue the conversation. It’s important to know the path’s customers are taking on and off your website so you can replicate that across all segments of your business. 

A bad habit with marketing automation is setting up non-specific, not trackable emails or conversion points on your website or emails. If you have a single follow email that every customer that contacts you gets, it makes their experience less personal. In addition, if you aren’t able to track where leads are coming from, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not. 

From email and social media to more sophisticated lead nurturing, marketing automation is the key to generating more leads and converting those leads into sales because it gives you more time to measure the success of your efforts and close the deals. Learn how to set up automation for your print company in our print marketing courses.

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