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Over the last few years, Tik Tok has grown in popularity and a lot of businesses wonder if they should be utilizing this social platform as a part of their marketing strategy. It’s likely that you’ve at least heard of Tik Tok, use it or have seen videos from the platform, but for those that haven’t, it is a social platform that allows users to create short form video content. Just hearing that, it sounds like it could be a valuable tool for any business. 

But if you take into consideration the time and money (if running Tik Tok Ads) it takes to post on the platform, is it really worth it? 

Our answer to that question is Yes! Especially if you’re wanting to reach a younger audience which we’ll dive into a little later. 


Current State of Tik Tok

After Tik Tok surged in popularity during the pandemic, there were growing concerns about privacy and how data is collected for users of the social app. As of the moment this article is being written, there is a push by legislation to “ban” Tik Tok in the United States. But for now, Tik Tok will not be leaving smartphones anytime soon which is good news for businesses looking to increase their online visibility. 


Who Is Using Tik Tok?

Since we aren’t worried about the app being banned for now, it’s helpful to understand who is actually using Tik Tok. This would tell us who the audience is and if that’s the people you’re trying to get in front of for your print business. 

Tik Tok has almost 1 billion monthly active users worldwide so the reach of the platform is massive. More importantly, roughly 67% of TikTok users are 18-19 year-olds and 56% of users are 20-29 year-olds in the US are on the app.

So what does that tell us? It means that a large majority of the users are a younger generation. As we all know, marketing to and attracting Gen Z is a totally different strategy than some of the earlier generations. 

As a print company, if you’re looking to hire employees from a younger generation or even just entertain or market to that age range, you definitely want to be posting content and potentially even running ads on Tik Tok. 


Tik Tok Marketing Content Ideas

While we know that the younger generation is mainly on Tik Tok, if we look at print buyers specifically, they are definitely on the social platform as well. So there is value in having a Tik Tok presence but what you share and promote is important. 

The coolest part about print is the process of concept to final product so one of the best things you can share is a video of the design process all the way through to the product being printed and even sent out. 

These days, social media users love to see the “behind the scenes” of how literally anything works. Share videos of products being die cut or embossing since that is stuff the average person doesn’t get to see. 

If you’re looking to hire and want to use Tik Tok to attract individuals, share a day in the life content about what it’s like to work at your print shop. 

You can also share educational content talking about the value of print, success stories of how it helped increase sales for customers or just how all businesses can benefit from print. 


Tik Tok is definitely a platform tailored to a younger audience but your print company can benefit from having a presence on the app no matter what your business goals are.