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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve seen landing pages before or heard of them and know you should incorporate them into your marketing mix. The main purpose of most landing pages is to capture information from those that visit the page in exchange for something valuable to them. 

Often, we see printers using their homepage or product pages as a landing page which can work in unique situations, but in most scenarios, it’s not best practice. 

There are many benefits to landing pages, especially for print businesses and we’re sharing some of these reasons below. 


Allow for Better Message Matching

Print websites typically have a large amount of products and pages overall which can make it difficult when a new, potential customer comes to your site, for someone to know exactly what they’re looking for and what actions to take. Most often, visitors are coming in from a Google search or from an ad, so this confusion makes for a less than desirable user experience which also affects your bottom line. 

Dedicated landing pages allow you to keep your messaging consistent from ad through to the website. For example, if your ad is speaking to a specific offer you’re promoting to those coming through on your ads and they hit a landing page and there’s information and a form capturing information in exchange for the offer, you’re 5 times more likely to see a higher conversion rate compared to if you had the same ad but sent them to the homepage which didn’t speak specifically to the offer. 


Serve As a Place for Special Offers

As mentioned above, landing pages are great if your print business has a special offer for a limited time only for customers seeing and clicking on your ads, your emails, etc. The benefit of using landing pages to promote these offers is that it doesn’t require you to make the offer public so it can be reserved only for the individuals you want. They also help reduce the need to add and remove promotions and offers from your website since they’d only live on a landing page that cant be viewed, unless from the content you designated. 


Helps Prevent Distractions

For new visitors to your print website, it’s natural for them to want to explore what you offer, what makes you different or the work you’ve done. But similar to what we shared above, this usually tends to lead to users not taking action such as contacting you, due to information overload. 

Landing pages however, reduce distractions from the action you want customers to take. They can be hyper specific and only speak to the product, service or value proposition you’re promoting while driving them to provide their information in exchange for your offering. 


Can Be Easily Tested

You know the importance of being able to report on the ROI of your marketing efforts and sometimes it can be difficult to see what is working and what isn’t due to the wealth of information available. 

Landing pages can be easily tested so you can measure what messaging, what call to action or even what imagery works best for your audience. Compared to your full website, it’s simple to create alternative versions of your landing pages with different variables that can be tested to see if it works better over another. 

You can then use your findings to help you decide what actually works best and how you can update other areas of your marketing. 


Use Cases for Print Industry Landing Pages

Now that you know how landing pages can work for your print company, you’re probably wondering exactly how and when they should or can be used as a part of your marketing strategy. We’re sharing a few examples of how you can use landing pages below. 

Designated Landing Pages for Ads

Landing pages are perfect for both PPC and Paid Social ads because it keeps the messaging consistent from ad to landing page while also allowing you to track to see where your website traffic and conversions are coming from. 

Create Hype About New Products, Services or Promotions

If you have a new product or service offering coming up or even a big promotion, landing pages are a great way to create excitement or “hype” around it. These landing pages can be used in all of your marketing content (ads, emails or social posts) to drive traffic to the page. 


What Should Be Included On Your Landing Pages

A key element to a successful landing page is its content. All of your landing pages should include: 

    1. A strong, clear headline that highlights what you’re promoting
    2. A description, or body copy, of what you’re offering (a sale, new product, quote, case study, etc)
    3. Any images or videos that help “sell” in your company, product, service or offering
    4. A strong call to action and/or form that tells visitors exactly what you’re wanting them to do


Landing pages are an effective tool that any print company can benefit from utilizing in their marketing strategy especially if created with at least some of the information shared here, in mind.