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When done correctly, Google remarketing allows you to create additional touchpoints with potential customers. Once a person has visited your website, they’ve shown interest so it only makes sense to stay in front of them and remarketing is a cost effective, efficient way to do so. 

When targeting a specific audience using job titles, geography, age, etc., it’s never guaranteed that those individuals will be actively looking for a company to print their materials or even interested in what you are trying to promote in your campaign. But when targeting those that have already visited your website, you know you are spending your ad dollars on more qualified prospects who have some level of familiarity with you. 

The more qualified the audience, the more likely they are to convert. So you’re remarketing campaigns will generate more leads that result in more sales for your company. 

Why You Should Use Remarketing

Your website may already be driving a good amount of traffic but the truth is that most first time visitors to websites either don’t convert or submit to get a quote and move on to the next site to get their next quote. Remarketing helps you capitalize on the traffic you’re getting while generating more leads and staying in front of leads that are getting quotes on your site. 

Other benefits of utilizing Google Remarketing include..

  • It keeps your company top of mind to those that have already visited your website and expressed interest at the right time. Say someone is looking for floor graphics and visits your product page for that exact product, they may have just been looking and browsing but if you remarket to them, you remind them of your brand when they are ready to purchase. 
  • Remarketing does the heavy lifting of the connection with a potential customer after an initial interaction while you focus on getting people to your site through paid search. Other marketing avenues such as paid search can be more competitive so if you turn on remarketing ads, you can let Google connect with individuals so you don’t have to. 
  • Allows for super targeted ads for people that have visited specific pages on your site to make the experience feel more personal. Let’s use the floor graphics example again. If that person is looking at your floor graphics page then get remarketed with a floor graphics ad with a promotion, they are much more likely to request a quote or even purchase because the ad was personal to exactly what they were looking for. 


Get a Leg Up on Your Competitors

With other digital marketing tactics, you’re constantly working to out bid or write the most compelling ad copy to get a potential customer to click on your ad. With remarketing, that person has already shown interest in what you offer so getting in front of them is easy. Of course what you offer has to be enticing enough for them to choose you over your competitors but the targeting isn’t as competitive. 

It’s also true that the majority of print companies are not running remarketing due to a lack of in-house technical knowledge on this specific marketing tactic.

With all of the advertisements online already, remarketing on Google may sound like overkill. But there is nothing more valuable to a potential customer than meeting them exactly where they are at in their buyers journey through remarketing. You can turn that one time visit to your site into a click on an ad that can lead to a quote which could eventually turn into a long time customer. Learn more about our pre-built remarketing campaigns here.

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