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How to Sell More Vinyl Banners

A question that we often get asked is “How can I sell more vinyl banners to customers?” or “What is the best way to increase vinyl banner sales?”. And for good reason. When trying to sell more of these types of banners you’re competing with online companies like Vistaprint, Signs.com and Buildasign.com who put a lot of time and money into making sure they get found by customers looking to buy vinyl banners.


So how can you effectively compete, get found and sell more of these banners?

We’ve put together details on exactly how to do that here in this article so read on!


1. Optimize Your Website to Sell More Vinyl Banners

This may sound obvious but many print companies don’t have their websites optimized for the search engines to get found when someone searches for vinyl banners. Now not everyone can rank on the first page of Google for vinyl banners but the good news is that Google will show “maps listings” of print companies who sell these banners that are near the location of where the customer who searched for the banners physically resides.


To do this you will need to set up a Google Business Listing at https://business.google.com/

Here you’ll need to fill everything out completely and ensure you mention that you sell vinyl banners and even add that as an individual product you sell in the products section of the business listing.


2. Include a Quote Form on Your Vinyl Banners Page

We see that about 25% of print companies have a dedicated form on their vinyl banners page. What this does is allows for the customer to quickly reach out with the questions they have or the details of their order to get a quote on the cost and how quickly the vinyl banner order can be fulfilled.

By not including a form on your page that is dedicated to getting more vinyl banners sales you’re missing out on a lot of quotes and customer engagement.


3. Run Ads to Sell More Vinyl Banners

While this tactic takes a little money to set up you can significantly increase your vinyl banner sales instantly. The best place for you to advertise your banners is several places online.

Run your vinyl banner ads on…

  • Google Ads – Paid Search Ads
  • Retargeting the Google Display Network
  • LinkedIn Ads


Paid Search ads will get you in front of customers who are searching for vinyl banners.

While the retargeting Google Display Network will show vinyl banner ads to customers who visited your vinyl banner website pages across the web (follows them around the internet).

And with LinkedIn Ads you can target a well defined business audience, one who matches your vinyl banner buyer profile and target them directly with ads that offer vinyl banners.


This is Guaranteed to increase your banner sales.


4. Give Away Banner Templates or Designs

By providing fresh unique designs and templates to prospective buyers of your vinyl banners you increase engagement with those buyers, you can get more contact information from them to reach back out to them & sell and you can generate a more positive impression to buyers regarding your company because you’re doing more for them than the competition.


By doing one or more of these tactics you are guaranteed to increase your sales of vinyl banners!


Update to this article on 8/12/2022

We actually had to come back and give a quick update to this article because of it’s popularity to clarify a couple things. These are questions we kept getting about how to sell more banners.

  1. This article isn’t just a description on how to sell more vinyl banners, it obviously can apply as a “How to sell more banners” guide. We chose to write about vinyl banners because so many print service providers focus on this banner type due to it’s popularity, affordability and access to inventory.
  2. Additionally you can set up an online store to run ecommerce to sell more banners. We think that this too is obvious to everyone, but truthfully it isn’t that easy to set up an online store that can efficiently sell banners. Having a good user experience for designing the art, uploading art, proofing the banners with art on them, etc. are things that print buyers expect when they are shopping for banners and most ecommerce shops don’t have that functionality out of the box.

If you have any other questions about how you can sell more banners (and vinyl banners), then send us a message or give us a call and we can help you out!