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Whether you are a standalone vehicle & truck wrap service provider or a commercial print company that offers truck wraps as a service you are most definitely looking to sell more wraps. In this article we’re specifically talking about increasing sales of truck wraps.

We’re going to cover two primary needs when selling truck wraps.

The first is to promote the service and get visibility to customers who need and/or want a truck wrap service.

The second is sharing with prospective customers how valuable truck wraps actually are.

Doing both of these things are guaranteed to increase truck wrap sales.

Make Sure Customers Know You Sell Truck Wraps & Get Found

You could have the most skilled team, the most knowledge and the bandwidth get truck wrap projects done quickly and at an affordable price, but if customers don’t know you offer the service or don’t know you exist at all then it doesn’t matter how good you are, you won’t be selling any wraps at all. That’s a fact!

So how can you ensure that current customers and prospects know that you sell a truck wrap service? Easy, we’ve got exactly how you can do that here.


Use SEO to get found for customers searching for Truck Wraps

Truck wraps are the perfect service to promote using the power of SEO. These aren’t the typical commoditized print product. You can’t just buy these from a site like Vistaprint or easily install them. So by having a page on your website solely dedicated to Truck Wraps that has been optimized using SEO tactics then anyone in your area looking for them will find you, contact you and you can then close the sale.

Run ads targeting service companies and fleet transportation companies

Running ads on LinkedIn is a great way to get exposure if you are targeting companies. Being able to target plumbing, HVAC, electrical, construction, towing, etc. companies is simple on LinkedIn and you can decide how large of a company you want to target and what job titles within those companies to target. If they are interested, they’ll click through to get a quote and you can close the sale.

Send Marketing & Sales emails to current customers and prospects

This is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure you can get the message out that you do truck wraps. You can share this news with truck wrap customers, leads and customers who wouldn’t even buy these wraps because they are technically influencers who may share that you sell truck wraps. If you aren’t sending out email you should start and can do so for Free using a platform like Mailchimp.

Explain to Customers How Truck Wraps Will Benefit Their Business

Once you get the attention of prospective truck wrap customers then it’s time to tell them a story of why they should actually get a truck wrap. What are the benefits of a truck wrap? What options do I have and what can I expect to come from getting a truck wrapped?

The good news is that you’ve been implementing SEO then customers who were searching for the service most likely already know they want it and you’ll simply need to quote the job and produce it. But in many cases you’ll need to share with customers the value, their options and what they can expect as a return on their investment.

Here are a number of considerations you can share with customers looking for a reason to buy a truck wrap from you.

  • Truck wraps provide brand exposure
  • They increase brand recall (people remember you more)
  • You’ll get more phone calls
  • It legitimizes your company
  • Truck Wraps cost less than other marketing
  • Wraps can last 6 to 8 years depending on the material


To be honest the best way to increase truck wrap sales is to be good at selling customers directly. Our belief is that you can do this already so the information we shared is the quickest and easiest way to generate more truck wrap leads for you to close & up your sales.