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“How can I sell more Quad-Fold Brochures?” or a question like it gets asked to us by print companies all of the time. Since you’re a print service provider yourself we know that in the industry quad-fold brochures are referred to in different ways such as double gate fold, accordion, 8 panel or 4 panel or 8 panel z fold, etc, etc. But the point is that you want to sell more of them and we have the secret to doing just that.

In this article we’ll describe how to sell more quad-fold brochures.


Why Use Quad-Fold Brochures?

Not that you actually need to know why someone would use a quad-fold brochure or double gated brochure, but the use case here is really important because the use case is the message you can share to sell more of these brochures. By showing customers what you can create for them you are providing the inspiration that will increase sales.

Additionally by advertising more of the products that customers want which are produced using a quad-fold brochure you’ll also sell more.

Example End Products Created Using Quad-Fold / Double Gate

  • Product Brochures
  • Maps
    • Conference Maps
    • Park Maps
    • Zoo Maps
  • Patient Brochures
  • Tourist Attraction Brochures / Rack Cards
  • Membership Applications


Channels to Sell Quad-Fold Brochures On

With the messaging in place you’ll need to promote it somewhere. But where should you promote to sell your quad-fold brochures? Which channels are the best?

There really is no best channel. They are all good in their own way. But today, where most people start looking is online. Customers will search Google, then start the process of looking at results, reviews, websites, and social media profiles.

Some leads will simply ask for a quote, others will ask for samples, and the best scenario is the purchase directly from your website.

This means it is very important to do SEO, promote on social media, run ads and send out direct mail.


Closing More Sales

Following up is a critical and arguably the most important aspect of the sales process. If you are wanting to finalize the selling of more quad-fold brochures then consider these best practices on following up effectively and increasing your number of closed sales.

Timely Follow-Up: Respond promptly to inquiries and leads. Speed is important as it shows your responsiveness and professionalism. Follow up as soon as possible after a sales meeting or presentation to keep the conversation fresh in the prospect’s mind.

Personalization: Tailor your follow-up communication to each prospect’s needs and preferences. Reference specific details from previous conversations or interactions to demonstrate that you value their individual requirements. Personalization helps build rapport and shows that you’ve been actively listening and understanding their needs.

Provide Value: In your follow-up communication, offer additional value by sharing relevant resources, insights, or recommendations that align with the prospect’s interests or challenges. This demonstrates your expertise and positions you as a trusted advisor rather than just a salesperson.

Persistence without being Pushy: Be persistent in your follow-up efforts, but avoid being overly pushy or aggressive. Find the right balance by following up consistently and offering assistance, while respecting the prospect’s preferences and boundaries. Be courteous and professional throughout the process.

Clear Call to Action: Clearly communicate the next steps and desired actions in your follow-up communication. Whether it’s scheduling a follow-up meeting, providing additional information, or requesting a commitment, make it easy for the prospect to understand the next course of action. Clearly outlining the benefits and urgency can help motivate the prospect to move forward.


By implementing the content and steps we’ve outlined here you are guaranteed to sell more quad-fold brochures. You’ll thank us later!