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The title of this article is a perfect example of how you can sell more Large Format Printing (or Wide Format Printing). As you know being in the print industry people across the industry and with end users / buyers the words used to describe printed work can vary.

Maybe you say Large Format, maybe you say Wide Format, then there are those that talk about Grand Format.

Another example are banners.

Some use banners and signs interchangeably depending on the use case.

Is it a light pole banner or a light pole sign?

While we could debate on the specific use case for the entire lexicon of the print industry we’ll focus on how this affects selling more of a product and more specifically Wide Format / Large Format printing.


Selling More Wide Format Printing – Keywords

Since you are trying to sell more Large Format / Wide Format Printing then you MUST be optimizing your website and web pages to show up when buyers are looking to purchase.

This is where the largest volume of growth will come for your company.

And this is precisely why keywords are so important as it relates to how customers are searching for this service / product.

Both Large Format Printing and Wide Format Printing are terms that get a lot of search volume each month. But if you do deeper research you will find that there is a clear preference across customers as to the main way to refer to this type of printing.

In the screenshot below we can see that Wide Format Printing has a monthly search volume of 6,600 but the search term Large Format Printing has monthly volume at 12,100.  That’s an 83.3% higher search volume!


wide format printing large format printing keywords


This makes us consider 2 options when optimizing our website to get found by more customers.

  1. Optimize the site only for Large Format Printing
  2. Optimize the site for both Large Format and Wide Format Printing


We recommend optimizing for both in this scenario, because there is so much volume for both.

Your main keyword will be Large Format Printing but you’ll want to use both terms throughout your site and page just like what we’ve done in this blog post.

In contrast you can see that Grand Format Printing only has 210 searches per month.

So for that you could create its own page on your site or simply ignore it.


Create More Sales Content on Large Format Printing

To aid in selling more Wide Format Print you should create blog posts like this that speak to different problems and solutions related to Wide Format and Large Format printing.

Blog post ideas that satisfy this would be topics like…

  • What large format sizes can you print?
  • What types of material can be used for large format print?


Or you can write on specific products that fall under the large format category.

  • How long do outdoor wall graphics last?
  • How much do “over the street” banners cost?


By writing content like this you’ll be found for many types of customers searching for wide format / large format solutions, you’ll be gaining better visibility for your main wide format / large format pages, convert more leads and have more sales conversations / closed deals.

This content can also be utilized by your sales team during the sales process to get buy in from prospective print buyers.