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Have you ever asked yourself the question “How can I sell more folders?” 

If you’re a printer and print custom pocket or presentation folders, it’s likely that you have wondered what you can do to increase folder sales at some point or another. While we know you want to sell more of all print products you offer, here we’re focused on sharing some ideas on ways to sell more folders and increase your sales using some tried and true tactics. 

Here are a few ways to sell more folders

  1. Writing Content that promotes custom folders which includes blog posts, social media posts and marketing email blasts
  2. Optimize your website for custom folders so both customers and search engines know you print folders 
  3. Run an ad campaign focused on printed folders

Write Blog & Social Media Posts and Send Emails About Custom Folders

It may seem obvious to some but it’s worth mentioning. If you aren’t talking about the fact that you print folders, buyers aren’t going to know that you do. 

Well written content is super powerful and can make a big impact in your folder sales. 

Blog Posts

The cool thing about blog posts is that there is infinite opportunity to write on topics that answer questions potential print buyers are asking about folder printing. If done correctly, your blog posts will show up when customers are searching for custom folders. 

Some examples of folder printing blog topics could be.. 

  • What are the standard folder sizes?
  • What finishes are available for custom folders?
  • What are common use cases of printed folders?

When writing blog posts about folders, be sure to provide as much detail as possible so the blog actually provides value to someone reading it. You can also link back to your folder printing product page to connect your blog post to your main page. 

Social Media Posts

If you’re already posting to social media, why not take the opportunity to promote folders to drive more sales? Crafting a social media post tends to be a simpler process than writing a full blog post so it’s an easy medium to sell more folders without having to start something new from scratch. 

The key elements to an effective social post are..

  • Address a potential pain point buyers experience with folders/folder printing
  • The value your print company brings as a potential new printer for their folder needs
  • A clear call to action that tells a viewer exactly the action you want them to take (which in almost every case should be calling you or going to your website) 
  • Contact information so they can reach out about getting folders printed whether this be your company phone number or a link to your website 

We can tell you with 100% certainty that print buyers are on social media so not only being visible but promoting your products well, is a great step towards selling more folders. 

Email Blasts

Even though we all receive tons of emails a week, or even a day, it’s been proven that email marketing still works especially for print companies. If you’re not already sending out email blasts to current customers or prospects, there has never been a better time than now! 

For customers, they may not even know that you sell folders because they work with you on different print projects, so sending an email to them highlighting your folder printing capabilities is a perfect way to bring in more folder sales from your existing customer base. 

Prospects may not even really know much about your print company so it’s a good opportunity to showcase who you are and why you’re a good fit as a folder printing partner. 

When creating an email blast, here are a few tips you can follow.. 

  • Make the subject line short but interesting enough to grab their attention and make them want to open the email 
  • Keep the body content or text of the email somewhat concise because no one wants to look at an email with paragraphs of text 
  • Include images of folders you’ve printed to showcase what you can do 
  • Don’t forget to have a strong, and clear, call to action which can be linking out to your website so if someone is interested, they can easily click on the email and go to your website to either learn more or contact you

Let Customers Know You Sell Custom Folders by Optimizing Your Website

Aside from creating and sending out content about your folder printing capabilities, another important element to selling more folders is by optimizing your website for folder printing. This may be the most important element to increasing your folder sales. 

Hopefully, you have a page that is solely focused on folder printing on your website. If you don’t, that’s step 1. Create a page that talks about what types of folders you print, sizes available, finishing options, pricing, etc. This is critical for SEO because it allows you to have an optimized page solely on folders that can be found when people search for folders, but it can also serve as an easy destination that you can link to from your blog posts, email blasts or social posts. 

Once you’ve created a dedicated folder page or if you already have one, it needs to be optimized for folder and folder printing search terms. To do this, you’ll want to include some of the terms we’re sharing below to the Title Tag of your page, the H1 and any additional places in the body copy you see fit. 

  • Custom Folders
  • Folder printing
  • Presentation Folders
  • Pocket folders

Here you’ll see a screenshot of those terms and the search volume, how often these terms are being searched a month on average. 

folder keywords - sell more folders

Run Ads Promoting Folder Printing

Another super effective way to sell more folders fast is to run an ad campaign promoting them. You can run ads on social media, we always recommend LinkedIn because of targeting capabilities, or you can run PPC ads. 

The biggest benefit to running social ads is that it allows you to get in front of a specific target audience that isn’t necessarily searching for a new print partner for folders right now but your ad may spark the idea to at least explore working with you. You can choose to target individuals in a number of different industries, specific job titles, company size, location and more. 

PPC ads are always a great option because your ads will be in front of buyers who are actually searching for custom folders real time. 

While there are still additional ways to increase your folder sales, we can guarantee if you take these 3 approaches we’ve shared, you’ll start selling more custom folders almost immediately. You can thank us later!