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How to Sell More Booklets – A Printers Guide to Booklet Sales

Have you asked the question, “How Can I Sell More Booklets?”.

If you’re a print service provider that does custom booklet printing then it’s a guarantee that you would like to sell more of them. We understand that you need to sell a lot of other types of print as well, but selling more of each is important and booklets are one of those things.

Pretty straightforward stuff, so now let’s talk about the ways you can actually sell more.

A simple answer is to promote booklets more often and that is guaranteed to generate more sales. But what most printers and marketers are looking for are tactics. So that’s what we’re sharing with you here.

The most effective way to promote booklets and subsequently sell more of them is to…

  1. Optimize your booklets website page to show up for Booklet printing terms
  2. Create blog posts about booklets and link them back to your booklet page
  3. Create email blasts about custom booklets and send to your list
  4. Write and publish social media posts about booklets and link back to your website


Optimize Your Booklets Page

This one is basic but will be very effective for you in selling more booklets.

Having a page on your website dedicated solely to booklets will allow you to direct traffic from any channel to generate more booklet sales, but it also gives you the ability to get found in the search engines when people are searching for someone who can create custom booklets for them.

To do this you’ll need to include the term Booklet Printing in the Title Tag and H1 tag of your webpage. You could also use Custom Booklet Printing because it still has good volume but is a little less competitive.

Below we have a screenshot of the top keywords to include on your booklet printing page

Sell More Booklets as a Print Company


Including these terms throughout the body copy of the page will give you the best chance for showing up when customers search for booklet printing in your area.

You’ll also need to make sure that the page has a quote form on it so prospects can get a quote on booklets right then and there.


Create Blog Posts About Booklets

This is very similar to optimizing a booklets page on your website but instead you’ll create blog posts about different topics related to booklet printing that you can get found for online when customers are searching for those specific booklet printing topics.

For example, you can write blog posts on…

  • How much do booklets cost?
  • What size should a booklet be?
  • Can I mail a booklet?

Each of these topics has customers searching for it online and you want to be the print company that shows up for it.

Below is a screenshot showing a couple ways customers search for the cost of booklets.

Booklet Pricing


And another screenshot shows what comes up in Google when we searched for Booklet Cost

how much does a booklet cost


You’ll want to then link back from each blog post to your main Booklet Printing website page so that the search engines link all these together and provide you the most visibility possible. Higher Rankings!


Create Email Blasts Selling Your Booklets

This can be as simple as sending out an email telling people that you print booklets or you could run a promotion and share booklet related content.

To make this as easy as possible, keeping your emails simple is the best way to increase your booklet sales. Just send emails to make sure people know you sell it by actually sending emails about booklets. That’s the secret that doesn’t really feel like a secret.

  • Direct Sales Email for Booklets – “Hi We Sell Booklets, Contact us for a Quote”
  • Email sharing your Booklet Blog Content
  • Email promoting a Sale on Booklets – “15% Off”


Don’t over complicate it!


Write Social Media Posts About Booklets

This is kind of like blogging in that you can write on questions and answers people have about booklets to connect with them at that level. Questions and pain points being addressed by a print service provider shows you understand and creates a belief that you can help them solve that problem.

Social media will not be a massive driver of direct sales but it is an integral part of convincing new buyers who are vetting you by looking at your entire presence online. New customers WILL Research your company!

And for customers who choose to follow you on social media it gives them good content that they can act on as well as reaffirms to them that they are working with the right print partner.

So while this approach works for every type of print product and service it will work very well for Selling More Booklets.

Just make sure to link back to your website from your social media posts to get the prospects submitting quotes on your booklets page.


If you do all 4 of these things then you are GUARANTEED to Sell More Booklets month over month, year over year and help to grow your bottom line as well as your print company.