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When it comes to marketing your print business online, ensuring that your efforts are directed towards the right audience is critical. Whether you are a newcomer to digital marketing or a seasoned professional looking to refine your strategy, understanding how to connect with your print customers online is crucial. In this blog post, we’re sharing how you can identify and reach your target audience effectively.


Determine Who Already Does Business With You

Start by taking a look at the individuals already doing business with you. Are those the types of businesses or customers you want to do more business with? Are there other industries, company times or people you want to work with? This foundational step lays the groundwork for a more targeted marketing approach. 


Know Your Print Customers Demographic Data

Now that you’ve looked at who you’re already working with, you’ll want to think about and even list out the specific demographic data about your print customers. Some of that data may include: 

  • Geographic data such as city and/or state
  • Company Size
  • Industry
  • Job Titles
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Presence of children
  • Company Size
  • Likes / Interests
  • Values 


Build a Targeted List To Use in Facebook or LinkedIn Ads

Using the profile you’ve created of the customers you want to work with, you can use Facebook or LinkedIn ads to get in front of those individuals. LinkedIn, in particular, stands out as a powerful tool for running ads due to its ability to target based on company size, company name, job titles, and age.


Create And Upload Customer or Prospect Lists

If you have an existing customer or prospect list or you’re able to curate a list that includes at a minimum, the name and email address of contacts, you can take those lists and upload them into Ad Platforms to get in front of them. You can also create “lookalike” audiences where an audience is created to match the criteria of the audience you set. 


By strategically identifying and targeting your print customers online, you can be sure that you will put those marketing dollars to good use getting in front of your print customers.