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How To Do a Social Media Audit for Your Print Company

Social media is a critical piece to marketing your print business. The reason social is important for print companies is because it shows that you’re a credible business, drives more people to your website when you link to your site in your posts but even more importantly, it offers a massive amount of visibility because you’ll stay top of mind to your customers while they scroll on social media. 


What Is a Social Media Audit?

We know the word “audit” may sound intimidating but we promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s simply a way to review your business social media presence to help you better understand where you’re at and how to improve.


Doing an audit will allow you to do the following: 

  1. See what social media accounts exist and which don’t (to then create those accounts)
  2. Update outdated business information
  3. Find what Social Profile information is missing and update
  4. Found what accounts that exist are active (being posted to)


Print Company Social Media Audit Checklist

To help make auditing your social profiles easier, we’ve put together this checklist of all the things to look for on your social media accounts. 


1. Do the accounts exist? 

Look for a Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Company Page, Business Instagram Profile and Company Twitter Page. If one or more of those accounts don’t exist, you should create them.

If they do exist, you’ll want to login to those accounts and save the login credentials so you can easily access the accounts again. This is also a great time to review who has access to each account and if the roles within the platforms are set correctly. Meaning, make sure only people you want to be able to access your accounts, have access and have enough access to be able to post, share, update, etc.

2. Do the accounts have a profile photo and/or cover art?

All 4 social media accounts allow for a profile image which we recommend making a High Resolution image of Company Logo. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also have a place for a Cover Photo which can also be a high resolution image of your company tagline, compilation of printed work you’ve done, etc. We always tells print companies to use the same images across all of their accounts to make it consistent 


3. Do the bios of your social media accounts describe who you are and what you do?

The key to these sections is sharing with those that visit your profile, who you are as a print company and what you offer. Some platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have limited character counts allotted for the bios so we recommend doing your best to work within those limits while still communicating the essence of who you are. 


4. Is the business information up to date?

This section is one of the most important elements, outside of the actual existence, for your social media profiles. Your business information should be up to date and provide all necessary information to someone to contact or visit your business. 

Critical business information that should be present on your profile includes: 

  • Website URL 
  • Business Hours
  • Physical Location 
  • Business Phone Number 
  • Email Address 


5. Have they posted in the past 30 days? 

Recent activity on your social media accounts is important. You want any potential customers coming to your profiles to see that you’re active and a credible company since most everyone is on social media. If you are not, it may raise questions to new buyers. 


We recommend posting content at least every business day. The best type of content you can post is 1st party content promoting your products or services. You can also share 3rd party content about the industry to build credibility as well. 

Auditing your social media accounts and making updates to those that need it are a great first step in your social media strategy. We offer courses that teach you how to make the updates we recommended here in this article to help you get started as well as ready to use social media posts once your accounts are ready to go.