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As a print service provider, you’re always looking for ways to bring in more business especially on printed products that may not be as popular. 

A question we often get is “How Can I Sell More Catalogs” because some print companies are either seeing a decline in Catalog business or are looking to expand their business into becoming a catalog printing provider. 

So if you’ve found this article, you want the answer to that question and we’re going to share some ways you can start selling more catalogs fast. 


Why Sell Print Catalogs?

Whether you are wanting to start selling catalogs or have been selling them in the past and want to sell more, it’s important to understand why it can be valuable to your print business to sell them. 

Of course you want to increase revenue and selling more of any product can help do that, but catalogs specifically can be a good product to focus on. 


Why? Because they can be fairly cost effective on the printing side and are a really effective tool for the customer. 

If you’re new to selling catalogs here are some examples of catalogs use cases

  • Fashion catalog 
  • Travel agency catalog
  • Skincare catalog
  • Manufacturing parts catalog 
  • Pharmaceutical catalog


That is not an exhaustive list but we wanted to share a few examples of businesses and industries that use catalogs to help you figure out who you will be trying to sell to and even what your messaging to those audiences may be.


What Channels Can You Sell Catalogs On?

Another question we get from print companies is “What is the best online channel to sell my products on?” and our answer to that question is always that there is no Best Channel. Every channel serves its own unique purpose depending on the product you’re wanting to sell more of and the resources your team has available to market online. 

Google Search

The channel we recommend printers start with is always Google Search because usually the first place customers go to look for catalog printing services is Google. This can be both organic and paid search. Optimizing your website with a catalog printing page can help you show up in the Organic Search results. 

You can also run Pay Per Click Catalog Printing Google Ads that can help you show up at the top of the search results page when people search for those terms. 

Social Media

Similar to Google Search, Social Media is a common place customers may go to look for products or services and there are paid and organic options. As long as you have social media profiles for your print company, you can easily post content on those channels talking about your catalog printing services and/or examples of catalog work you’ve done. 

You can also run paid ads on social media, we recommend on LinkedIn, and you can target those industries we shared above that use catalogs and you can reach a larger group of people to promote your catalog services. 

Email Marketing

Another easy way to promote catalog printing is through sending out emails. This can be to your current customer list letting them know you offer it or do a prospect list to bring in new business. 


While this is only a short list, we hope this helps answer the question of how you can sell more catalogs so you can start generating additional revenue today!