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Printers are struggling to sell posters these days. Why? Because there are other ways to promote an event or business that seem to be “more effective” or “easier”. But you know the value of a well-printed poster and how your customers can benefit from them so we’re sharing a few tips on how to sell more posters.


Promote Your Poster Printing Services More Often

It’s easy to promote your large format printing or direct mail services because it’s likely you do more of that work for customers. But if you’re not consistently promoting your poster printing capabilities, no one will know about it. The options for promotion are endless but here are a few of the best ways that will get you in front of more people. 

  • Post to Social – this is the easiest way to promote poster printing to your existing customer or potential customer base. Simply posting on social media examples of posters you’ve printed can increase the chance of a business reaching out. 
  • Send Emails – you already have an email list full of companies that you’ve done work with or are interested in your work. Create an email talking about your poster printing capabilities and show examples, your low prices or the benefits of including posters in a marketing plan. 
  • Run Ads Online – every day, businesses and consumers are searching on Google for the products and services you offer. Take advantage of those searches and run Google Text Ads that promote your poster printing services. You can also target the job titles and/or companies you want to do business with on Facebook and LinkedIn. 
  • Do SEO – By optimizing a page on your site to promote your poster printing service you will get found by more customers in the search engines who are looking for poster printing and inevitably sell more posters.


Stand Out Against Your Poster Printing Competition

Very few print companies are advertising poster printing services likely for the same reasons you aren’t. This means the market isn’t overly competitive and you have the opportunity to show for those searching for poster printing, especially near you. There are so many other ways you can promote your services but doing these few things is guaranteed to help you start selling more posters fast.

Are You Ready to Sell More Posters Using Digital Marketing?