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Have you found it hard to sell more brochures lately? If so, you’re not alone.  Over the past 2 years, print companies have found it more difficult to sell more brochures. About 20% have seen a decline while 65% of printers saw flat brochure sales.

One of the biggest reasons that sales have been flat is due the nature of the brochure being seen as a commodity in the marketplace by print buyers.

So how is it possible to sell more brochures under these conditions?

The answer… You Change the Conditions!

There are two ways you can change how you’re promoting brochures to sell more of them.

The first is to advertise them (of course) and the other is to position your expertise in delivering results through brochure design to your customers.


Advertise Your Brochure Printing Service

This one sounds obvious but is actually one of the most common things that print companies ARE NOT doing. Think about it… When was the last time you ran a campaign or sent out an email promoting brochures? You probably can’t remember. You may have never actually done it.

And that’s okay! That’s why you’re here reading this article.

So now is the time to promote your brochures.


There are 3 ways / channels we recommend promoting that you print brochures.

  • Email
  • Ads
  • SEO (your website)


Marketing Brochures Using Email

This is the easiest way to start. All you need to do is create an email promoting the fact that you print brochures and send it to your current customers and prospective customer email lists.

Selling Brochures Using Ads

This is also easy because you can either run Google Ads to show up for people searching for brochures on Google or you can run Social Media ads to your target audience (we recommend LinkedIn first and Facebook second).

Using SEO to Show Up for Brochures

While you need a little more technical skill to do this, actually optimizing your website to show up for brochures when people search for them will be one of the highest returning efforts for you. What needs to be done is create a brochures page for your website if you don’t have one and optimize it or if you have one already update the page to be optimized for search engines.


Be A Brochure Content Expert

This recommendation is one that is prominent in the print industry today and is to provide value beyond just being able to print the brochure.

Instead of focusing on the capability of print, you should promote the fact that you can help your customer create a brochure that will deliver them results. Whatever that goal may be.

Is your customer wanting to …

  • Get a direct response
  • Generate a sale
  • Register an event attendee
  • Or something else?


Help your customer achieve that goal through consultative design as a value add which will sell more brochures.

The same concept applies to having expertise in a particular business vertical such as HVAC, Education, Fashion, etc.


By doing one or both of these things you are guaranteed to sell more brochures.

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