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If you’re a print owner, print marketer, designer or print sales rep then you personally have experienced changes in your business and day to day as it relates to new business, old business and the type of print business you’ve been working on.

The reality is that it’s different, but it’s different in different ways for each printer across the U.S.

Say that 3 times fast!

The biggest ways COVID-19 are affecting printers that we’ve spoken with are the volume of unit sales has decreased overall, the per unit gross sale amount for signage, stickers & decals has gone up and direct mail has decreased overall.


Decreased Overall Sales

The impact of COVID-19 seems to have unanimously decreased overall sales volume for print.

Due to the uncertainty of the economic climate, businesses were holding off and many of the hardest hit industries such as food and retail are large buyers of print.

This isn’t a surprise but it is worth noting that sales were still taking place here for pieces to inform customers of delivery and carryout options.


Increased Per Unit Gross Sales

Due to the need for social distancing, hygiene and directional signage items such as signs, sticker, decals and clings are up.  As more states fully open sales for these items will continue to increase.

So if you’re not in the business of selling these items, START NOW!


Direct Mail Volume Has Decreased

For many of the same reasons overall sales decreased Direct Mail is down, but this is a HUGE MISS for companies. More people are still staying at home and creative engaging Direct Mail is a big opportunity for companies to get their message in front of a more captive and experience starved audience.

So start pushing those sign, decal, cling and poster sales, share the benefits of direct mail in the current market climate and keep yourself alive an active online so customers can see you’re still at the top of game during a trying time. Click here to see more about how to do that on social media here: https://pryntbase.com/prewritten-social-media/

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