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How Can Print Companies Grow in 2021?

It’s a very real question for most printers and print service providers.

2020 threw the entire Print Industry a curveball (and really most B2B industries), but going into 2021 there is momentum on getting back to business. You need it, the industry needs it and your customers need it!

So what’s the answer? How can you as a printer grow your business in 2021?

Let’s explore the two ways that will move you forward, above your competition and into growth!

  1. Take your marketing into your own hands
  2. Focus on market opportunity (not necessarily what you’ve traditionally focused on)


Take Your Marketing Into Your Own Hands

While this sounds simple and you may be doing some marketing on your own already, what we mean is to remove the middleman if they exist and start directing your marketing with confidence and intentionality. If you’ve hired a consultant or an agency who is doing very little for what you’re paying them or they aren’t getting the results you need then 2021 is the time to take control.

Not to oversell here in this post, but that is exactly what Pryntbase was founded on and the mission is to empower you to do just that, “Take Marketing Into Your Own Hands” “More Leads & More Sales on Your Terms”.


Focus on Market Opportunity

Again you may already do this from the perspective of hearing what customers are asking for but what we are sharing here is to use the search engines and social media to gain that same insight. When customers are searching for products, services and answers to problems you solve then you want to be there / show up when they look.

The “Market” will ask, You’ll be found and get More Leads and Sales!

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