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We’re an online platform that is dedicated to helping Printers like you to accomplish their digital marketing goals. 

We want to put you in the front seat of generating more leads and sales for your business on your own terms.

After years of working with printers as an agency, we found that most print companies had the people in-house who knew the business, the industry and their customers better than anyone, but they lacked the technical online marketing skills needed to run strategic campaigns that cost very little but generated big returns.


Why We Built Pryntbase for Printers

Our goal is to not just provide you with the necessary tools to do things but to help you learn the processes as well. Our Master Courses are not limited to just the basics but to go further into the more complex items of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing can be intimidating at first, but our goal with the courses is to introduce you to different tools that will make all the difference. You’ll learn how to write emails, blogs, social media posts and how to develop campaigns within Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And so much more!


Put Your Digital Marketing In Your Hands

We get it, it is tough to feel confident about your abilities to effectively market your company online. We want you to know that we created these courses and prebuilt assets so that you are able to take the steps to get yourself to generating those leads and sales how you want to. The only person telling you what to do is yourself and your team. 

Take a look around and if you like what you see, sign up today Risk Free

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