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Every year, a variety of print shows take place across the United States, attracting print service providers from all corners of the country and even from around the globe. These events serve as pivotal meeting grounds for professionals in the printing industry to exchange ideas, showcase new technologies, and develop strong business relationships. 

While you might be familiar with some of the more prominent shows, there are numerous others that could offer unique opportunities and insights into the latest industry trends and advancements. To help you navigate this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive or “Giant List” of these print shows, ensuring you have all the information needed to plan your attendance effectively and make the most of these print industry events.


Some Print Shows & Conferences that Have Already Happened in 2024

Some of the print shows & print conferences have already happened by the time this article will have been published but we still want to show them love because they’ll also be running events next year as well. So take a look at the print shows from 2024 that have already happened below.



January 9, 2024

Orlando, FL


Printsource New York

January 22, 2024

New York City, NY


WestPack 2024

February 6, 2024

Anaheim, CA


Converters Expo South

February 20, 2024

Greenville, SC


Dscoop – Edge Indy

March 24, 2024

Indianapolis, IN


ISA International Sign Expo

April 10, 2024

Orlando, FL



April 28, 2024

Cleveland, OH



May 06, 2024

Kansas City, MO


Luxe Pack New York

May 08, 2024

New York City, NY


Americas Print Show

May 08, 2024

Cleveland, OH


2024 Print Industry Shows & Conferences that are Coming Up

Now for the shows that you can actually still attend and haven’t happened yet this year. The good news is that these print shows and conferences are spread all across the country making it easy for you to at least get out to one of them.


Here is the list of upcoming print conferences & print shows for 2024.


HOW Design Live

June 3, 2024

Nashville, TN


Graphics Pro Expo

June 13, 2024

Long Beach, CA


Graphics Pro Expo

July 10, 2024

Philadelphia, PA



September 08, 2024

Orlando, FL


Labelexpo Americas

September 10, 2024

Chicago, IL


PRINTING United Expo

September 10, 2024

Las Vegas, NV


Design & Manufacturing New England

September 25, 2024

Boston, MA


Graphics Pro Expo

October 3, 2024

Indianapolis, IN


Impressions Expo

October 24, 2024

Fort Worth, TX


PACK EXPO International

November 3, 2024

Chicago, IL


Healthcare Packaging Expo

November 7, 2024

Charlotte, NC


Graphics Pro Expo

November 9, 2024

Charlotte, NC


Print Industry Shows & Conferences for 2024 Outside of the US

We really only wanted to highlight the print shows that are going to be in the United States, but some others that are international really should get a mention. So highlighted a few of the more popular shows in Europe below.



May 28, 2024

Dusseldorf, Germany


The Print Show

September 17, 2024

Birmingham, United Kingdom



October 3, 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands


While you may have recently been to one, we suggest going to another. If it’s been a while since you’ve last gone to a print show, we suggest getting up and going to one now. You’ll learn something, but also meet new people and make new connections.