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SEO is a significant part of the marketing strategy for nearly every industry and the question we often get asked is “Does SEO Work for Print Companies?”.

It really is a good question because it’s usually tied to a past experience that makes them question whether or not it will work for printers.

Here we break down the reasons print businesses ask if SEO will work for them.


I Tried to Increase Sales Using SEO and it Didn’t Work

This is the most common statement we hear after being asked if SEO will work for their print company. We totally understand because there are so many people claiming they can do SEO or saying how easy it is to do on your own that it’s easy to get into a situation where expectations are high, but the results never show up.


Here is a list of the most common reasons SEO didn’t work for you in the past

  • The agency or consultant you worked with wasn’t good at SEO
  • The agency or consultant didn’t have a strong enough understanding of print
  • You tried it yourself but didn’t execute all of the technical optimizations you should have
  • You tried it yourself but chose keywords that were too broad and never ranked well


Again we understand and the fact is that anyone who sticks with it can eventually figure it out and refine their approach, but the reality is that no print company has that kind of time.


I Started to Rank But Didn’t Get Any Leads

This is another classic move by some agencies, consultants or in-house marketers where you’ll focus your efforts on specific terms and get your site to rank for them, but not see any conversions, leads or new print sales from it.


Why is that?

Well, in nearly every case it was simply a focus on keywords that don’t produce initial leads.

There is a spectrum of intent by customers searching online.


Think about the typical marketing funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Conversion


If you’re not ranking for terms and phrases that are in the consideration or conversion stage then you’ll see fewer new print leads and sales.

Granted over time they will come in because more prospects are now aware of your company but that could be a very long time and you’re looking to increase visibility, leads and sales now!

So the answer to the question of Does SEO Work for Print Companies is YES, and the most efficient way to implement SEO for your print company is to do it with the direction of someone who knows the industry, done the research and can give step by step instructions on getting you to rank well for all of your print products and services.