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For most industries and companies you wouldn’t ever ask the question “Is Digital Marketing Important?”, because the obvious answer is yes. But what we’ve seen over the years is that many print companies don’t necessarily believe this because they have been burned by agencies, hired digital marketers in-house that didn’t work out or print leadership trying to learn and do the digital marketing work on their own and it not producing the results they wanted.

We assure you it can and DOES work for printers.

Why did those things happen to you and what can you do about it?!


Why Didn’t Digital Marketing Work for You in the Past?

Let’s break down each of the reasons that things may not have worked out:

  • You got burnt by an agency
  • You hired someone to your team and they failed
  • You tried doing this yourself and it didn’t really work


Burned by an Agency

Agencies have 3 roles

  • Give you a good experience in the relationship between you and the agency
  • Produce the results you need for the relationship to have value
  • Stay within an agreed upon contract & budget

We’ve never met an agency that doesn’t want great results for the companies they work with, but the reality is that 1. Providing you a good experience spreads thin the time and resources of the agency and steals time from them producing results and 2. Staying within the scope of the contract and budget also limits what can be done to produce results.

It’s no doubt that you will get an increase in leads or performance working with an agency but the relationship can become contentious when the logistics of business get in the way and subsequently results suffer.

Just like an employee / employer relationship these relationships can sour or become “boring” which leads to dissatisfaction over time.

And most agencies don’t know a thing about the print industry and it takes them a long time to learn the ins & outs of the business, which is important to doing good digital marketing work.

Plus agencies are typically a little expensive. At least the good ones are!


Hired a Marketer In-House

The story here usually goes like this…

You either hired someone with a little marketing experience or you hired someone with a lot of marketing experience.

If you hired someone with little marketing experience then you probably found that they talked a good game in the interview and could post a lot on social media, maybe write some blog posts and send a few emails, but they didn’t know how to generate leads or help close new sales.

They also probably tried to get a big budget from you or even hire an agency!

If you hired someone with a lot of marketing experience then you may have found them to be arrogant, not wanting to get their “hands dirty” in the work and were very expensive. Plus they too likely wanted big budgets and to hire specialists or agencies.

Don’t get us wrong, having a decent budget, hiring an agency, knowing social and being proud of your craft are good options depending on the circumstances, but when you need “what you need” and the people you hire can’t deliver under that directive it’s a problem.

The biggest issue we find with hiring new marketers or veteran marketers is that they don’t have the technical platform skills to adequately generate more leads & sales for your company online.


Tried Digital Marketing Yourself

It’s likely that you may have done some SEO in the past or you researched on current digital marketing trends, studied up and executed on your own.  But after doing it you just weren’t seeing the traffic, leads or sales come in from the work you were doing. At least not at the volume you wanted.

As obvious as it may sound, it’s because you have really been trained how to do this for your print company. Even the most thorough trainings online are universal and don’t give specifics on how you as a printer can use digital marketing to get new print business.  It’s just the ugly truth.


What Can You Do About It? How to get your Digital Marketing to work.

This may sound like nothing but a self promotion or sales pitch but here it is…

Use Pryntbase.com

Our platform literally has everything that a print marketer, print leader or print company owner needs to easily turn their online presence into a print leads & sales generating machine.


How Does It Work?

We have three layers of training and content for print marketers to accomplish this.


From Scratch

First we have all of the training courses (over 200), processes, templates and assets needed to learn and execute digital marketing for your print business from scratch but 100% Guarantee it will work.


Modify Examples

We have a lot of pre-written, pre-built and pre-researched digital marketing assets that you can take and change to be specific for your company so that you ensure good results will come and that everything fits your brand 100%.



We’ve provided completely built and set up posts, emails, images, ads, and more so that all you have to do is sign up and turn them on.  We promise these things work!

By doing this we’ve made it as easy as possible to get more leads & sales online without having to know anything.


Low Cost

All of these tools, training courses, processes, templates, images, posts, ads, etc. cost less than your monthly household food bill.  It’s Cheap!


Want to Learn More about Using Pryntbase?