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Blogging for Print Companies

One of the things most print companies & print businesses have in common is the fact that they don’t write blogs. It’s always been interesting to us that this was the case because printers come from a world where the written word is extremely powerful and important. So it’s either they don’t realize that blogging for a print business is the same thing or they just don’t have time to do it. So if you’re one of those print companies that doesn’t believe blogs are valuable then read on so we can convince you why they might have more value than you think OR if you are one of those printers who just doesn’t have the time to write blogs for your print shop then we also encourage you to read on because you might find that it can be easier and less time consuming than you imagined.

Why Should Print Companies Write Blog Posts?

The biggest reason that print businesses should write blog posts is so that you can provide answers and options to prospective print buyers and current print customers. This makes you a valuable resource for the people & businesses you want to work with. Secondarily these blog posts, when optimized well, will get you found online generating more traffic, leads and print sales.

The Most Common Types of Blog Posts for Print Businesses

Many print shop owners & marketers can find it hardest just to get started writing blogs because they aren’t sure where to start. One of the things we’ve found to make writing blog posts easier is to know the main types of blogs and choosing one to start with as your initial guide. Listed below are 6 of the most common blog post types for print companies.

Question & Answer Blogs

The blog post types are written to answer questions that your print buying customers have or solutions to problems they are experiencing.

List Blogs or “Listicles”

This type of post is popular because it’s easy to skim and be informed quickly. Lists of options, printed products, services, considerations, etc.

“How-to” or Tutorial Blogs Posts

We’re all familiar with these blogs. Giving a prospect or customer step by step instructions on how to do something is engaging and helpful. “How to Create a Print Ready File” for example.

Case Studies

Blogs are a great place to showcase work you have done, successes your customers have experienced and to share a detailed account of what the customer needed, what you did and the result.


Everyone loves a good interview blog post. These are engaging and can be with anyone you find relevant for your print business. The owner, executives, team members, vendors, etc.

Trend or Prediction Posts

These types of blog posts will give prospects and customers the perspective that your print company is an authority. Why? Because you are sharing industry data & know enough to form predictions on it.

What Are The Most Important Blog Post Factors?

The most important aspect of a blog post is the intent for which the post is being written. This is why the blog post types we mentioned are so critical. There is a reason that a prospective print buyer or current customer would read your blog post and that reason is the intent. This plays a significant role in your ability to rank well in the search engines and to get follow up engagement by your readers.

Assuming you have the blog intent covered then listed below are important components of a blog post. 

  • Optimized for a Keyword or Phrase
  • Clear & Concise Headline
  • Eye Catching Hero / Header Image
  • Opening Statement Body Copy That Addresses the Topic
  • Closing Statement or Conclusion
  • Call to Action or Form

Need Blog Idea Inspiration?

Check Out A Blog On “Blog Ideas for Print Companies” Below.

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas for Your Print Website & Write Them Fast

“Print Companies inherently share knowledge with customers because they are the builders, creators & bring ideas to life.

Blogs are the Perfect way to share this knowledge with the world.”

How Print Companies Can Share Their Blog Posts

One of the great things about blog posts is that they can be shared a number of different ways to give you more visibility, traffic and sales. The most obvious place that your blog post gets shared is on your website. Optimizing it for search engines will get you found in Google and Bing. Second, you should share the blog posts on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), Lastly you can send your blog posts out in an email to prospective print buyers and current customers.

Blogging for your print company is highly important and if you follow the recommendations we’ve outline here in this article then you are sure to get more visibility, traffic, print leads and print sales.