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If you go to a search engine and type in vehicle wraps near me or brochure printing, you will see a number of print companies, just like you, show up in the search results. How are those companies showing up and you aren’t? Search Engine Optimization. 

Search engine optimization includes an infinite number of things that can be done to your website and there are tons of old SEO hacks that businesses everywhere were using to rank higher in the search results but those don’t work anymore. Getting your website found online doesn’t have to be complicated. 

The 6 SEO Musts for On-Page Optimizations (& Behind Page)

If you include these 6 elements on your web pages, overtime, you will be ranking right with your competitors. 

  1. Title Tags – A Title Tags is an HTML element that is the Page Title and is displayed in the search results. Title tags should be less than 60 characters and include the primary keyword you want the page to show up for. 
  2. Meta Descriptions – Meta descriptions are HTML elements that describe what the page is about. Meta descriptions are not a ranking factor but well written descriptions influence click through rate because they are displayed in search results. Meta descriptions shouldn’t exceed 160 characters. 
  3. H1s – H1s are heading tags that in almost all cases are the heading of the webpage. It’s important that the H1 includes the primary keyword because H1s are factored into rankings. 
  4. Image Alt Text – Image alt text describes an image but in HTML code. Image alt text are not only important for search engines because it is another source to describe your page, but it can also be used in screen readers for accessibility. 
  5. On-Page Copy – Your web pages should have page copy that explains your product or service. It’s important to include the primary keyword and other supporting keywords to help your pages rank in the search engines. 
  6. Bullet & Numbered Lists – On your pages, if it makes sense, include bullet and numbered lists to showcase different types of products or to describe the benefits. Search engines can easily crawl these lists and help with gaining featured snippets (box call outs) in the search results.

Old SEO vs New SEO

Back in the day, there were Old SEO hacks that were used to get pages to rank such as including keywords multiple times in page URLs, having pages full of keywords or buying links back to a website. Overtime, the search engines have gotten smarter so these don’t work like they used to. In fact, it can hurt ranking chances. 

These 6 SEO elements to include above are the quickest way to optimize your website to show up with your competitors.

Learn more on how to make these optimizations here.

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