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Digital Marketing for Print Companies

The print industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and with that, comes new challenges. One of those challenges print businesses are facing is how to adapt to the shift to online and digital advertising. Today, people expect all businesses to be marketing themselves online so it’s critical that print companies are marketing themselves online to meet print buyers where they are at. So Digital Marketing for a Print Company is critical to your success and a way to complete your overall marketing strategy.

The Components of Digital Marketing for a Print Business

A successful digital marketing strategy for printers includes a number of different channels and components, which we’ve listed out below.

Search Engine Optimization for Print Businesses

Print buyers are going to the search engines when looking for a print partner. Being found online is critical to your success as it relates to your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing for Print Companies

Your customers are on social media and expect your print company to be there too. Posting to social media keeps you in front of and top of mind to current and potential customers.

Email for Print Businesses

Sending marketing emails continues to be an easy and effective way to reach your leads and customers. Plus there is very little cost to doing this making it a “must do” tactic.

Pay Per Click Ads for Print Shops

When done correctly, a good pay per click strategy helps you meet print buyers exactly where they’re at when searching for products and services you offer. Be there when they search!

Marketing for Print Companies

Digital Marketing for Print is critical, but is one piece of an overall marketing strategy. Need more than just digital?

Paid Ads for Print Companies

Print Companies need to run digital marketing and a big part of that is running ads online. Want to run digital ads for your print business?

Why Digital Marketing Works for Print Businesses

If we didn’t already know that digital marketing worked in the print industry, we wouldn’t be here. We’ve seen hundreds of print companies go from having no presence online to tripling website traffic and generating 30+ leads in a 30 day period.

So why does digital marketing work for printers? Because print buyers are online everyday  looking and searching for print products, services and solutions. When print companies are present right there and then, providing a solution to the problem they are experiencing or filling a need they have, it’s impossible for it to not be successful.

How To Get Started Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy for Print Companies & Print Businesses

You know you need to incorporate digital marketing into your marketing mix so you’re probably asking “Where Do I Start?” 

    1. The easiest place to start is defining what the goal of using digital marketing for your print business is. It’s likely to increase online visibility and close more sales.
    2. Now that you have your goal in mind, you’ll want to figure out who your target customer or customers are. This is crucial because knowing exactly who you want to be in front of via the content you’re creating, allows you to better craft content that addresses the pain points your potential customers are experiencing. 
    3. Decide what channels you want to market on. You may want to start slow and post to social media a few times a week or you may decide to dive in head first and create a full content and ad calendar. This decision will most likely be determined by your target audience because you’ll want to start with the channel that they engage with most. 

Whether you decide to create a full blown digital marketing strategy or simply start sending out marketing emails and posting to social media, you are guaranteed to start seeing growth come from your online efforts for your print company!

Are You Ready to Start Running Digital Marketing For Your Print Business?