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Over 73% of businesses use email as their main source of communication with their customers which is why it’s critical that your print company is part of that number. Email marketing comes up a lot of different forms and email automation and drip emails are just one of those types. 

In case you don’t know, drip emails are an automated set of emails that are sent based on a certain schedule or user actions that lead your print buyers to the point of purchase. These emails can be more educational to inform potential customers about your business or they can be more personal and targeted depending on the content type. 

There are so many benefits to running email drip campaigns for print businesses. The biggest benefit is that they serve as an easy way to stay in front of your customers on a timely basis without you having to manually reach out. Another benefit is the ability to educate potential customers and provide additional information to their inbox for them to consume at their convenience. The last benefit is being able to personalize emails based on actions taken by your contacts to increase the likelihood of responses or even purchases.

Since the opportunities are endless for types of email drips you can implement, we’re sharing a few of our top campaign ideas that you can easily get started with. 


Automated Welcome Emails

These drip emails are one of the easiest to set up and make a big impact. If you have a weekly or monthly print newsletter that goes out to subscribers that talks about promotions or new products and services, you should send a series of emails to new subscribers to welcome them. 

This not only makes a good first impression, but it gives new contacts something to look forward to. The first email should welcome them to joining your print family and share with them when they should expect to receive your newsletter. You can then craft a series of additional emails that further educate them about your company and your offerings to nurture them into a customer. 


Cart Abandonment Emails

On average, over 69% of people abandon carts which is why sending emails to those individuals is an excellent way to re-engage them. All abandoned carts are potential sales so take the opportunity to convert those people into customers.  

If someone puts something such as a brochure or business cards in their cart but doesn’t check out, you can send them an email reminding them that they left some printed products in their cart and point them back to the website to checkout. If they don’t immediately go back and complete the purchase, you can send follow up emails encouraging them to take action and speak to the benefits of working with your print company, how easy it is to purchase or even share a testimonial, all with the goal of a sale in mind. 


Confirmation Emails

Confirmation drip emails can include a variety of different things. The easiest confirmation email is after someone purchases on your website. You can send them an email immediately after thanking them for the purchase. This is something consumers expect nowadays.

You can also send confirmation emails to leads when they fill out forms on your website for a quote, to receive a case study or price sheet or any contact form. The confirmation email should reference the “thing” they requested. Beyond the initial confirmation email, you can take the opportunity to send follow up emails over a few week span to nurture them to becoming a customer through sharing testimonials or success stories, simply asking if there’s anything else you can help with, and sharing additional offerings.  


This list of drip email campaign ideas is not exhaustive but we know implementing any of these will get you started on the right foot and increase your response and conversion rate for your print business.