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7 Ways Print Companies can Increase Social Media Engagement

We’re often asked by print companies how they can make the experience online more compelling for their customers and more engaging.

Here we’re sharing some ways you can begin engaging with your community on social media. Some of these ways will immediately increase your engagement, others will take time. It’s important to try a couple of different ways to start.


1. Ask questions that drive response

People love to share their thoughts and opinions and social media has become the number one place to do that. When you as a business ask a question, you’re inviting your customers into your business to make them feel like they matter.

The easiest question to start with is asking your customers “What Do You Think?” paired with some of the work your print company has done. The more interesting your questions, the more your customers will engage.

2. Host a Giveaways

Everyone loves a giveaway and it’s one of the number one drivers of engagement on social media nowadays. If you have an extra gift such as headphones or an iPad, host a giveaway on your social channels where entries include Liking, sharing and tagging a friend in a post to win. 

Another idea is to give away 100 free flyers instead of giving away a product. Any type of giveaway will drive engagement way up at a small cost.

3. Ask for Feedback

This is a simple but effective social engagement strategy. Ask your customers for feedback on what they want to see more of or learn from your company aside from just seeing the work you’ve printed. Once you follow through and start showing more of those things, you’ll see more engagement online.

4. Use Images

There is nothing more important than posting images of the work you’ve done for your customers. Potential customers want to see your capabilities and the type of work that you’ve done, and social media channels favor images on posts so the more images you post, the more people will see those posts and engage.

5. Share Customer Success Stories

Just like sharing images of work you’ve done to build credibility, potential customers love to see success stories. If you have a client that you printed something for and they raised more money than anticipated or increased attendance for an event, share it! 

6. Share Behind the Scenes

Seeing the work you do is great but seeing the people and equipment behind the work is even better. Share videos of your printers and employees at work to make the work you do even more human. 

7. Timely Response

Just like customer service offline, good customer service online will only increase continued engagement on your social channels. Oftentimes, customers will engage on your posts or ask questions and responding in a timely way is key to maintaining that engagement. 


These are just a handful ways to engage your community on social media. Some you will see an immediate increase in engagement, others will take time. Continue posting content everyday and you’ll be seeing more leads in no time.